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Fiction / Poetry / Literature  

<> Attila Magazine - 7 Issues
Literature, New Arrivals
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7 Issues of the radical Brighton paper Attila which was run by Bill Butler, owner of the Unicorn Bookshop in Brighton.  Topics range from poetry to recipes to philosophical rants and a lot more, all with an anarcho-hippie bent, all jam packed on charmingly mimeographed color craft paper.  


Issues all span the year of 1971 and are numbers 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, and 18.  Except for one of the issues, all are more or less in similar condition, excellent, especially considering their frail nature, being stapled only once in the top left corner and with paper covers of the same stock as the interiors. Light edge and corner wear.   Issue 17 has unfortuneatly got a detatched front cover, a shame being one of the most elaborate of illustrated covers.  Rest of the issue is still attatched at the stape. Issue 18 is bumped visibly at the bottom corner.